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Beauty aspect

The Beauty Aspect is a massage solution that helps fight cellulite and wrinkles with a combination of palpate and roll and suction actions

Description :

The Beauty Aspect has been specifically designed to treat cellulite and rejuvenate, repair, revitalise and tone your body and face tissue.

  • Thanks to its powerful suction and its “palpate and roll” function (for a “lift & roll” effect), you can feel the stimulating effects on the surface and deep tissue of your skin.
  • The Beauty Aspect comes with 3 accessories that “LIFT” and 4 that “ROLL”.
  • You can also choose the power setting, the “long and continuous suction” function or 1 of 4 different programmes, so you can have a gentle or more vigorous massage.

Results of the efficacy study :


For the figure :


1. Maximum loss* of 1.4cm around the thigh

2. Maximum loss* of 3.5 cm around the hips

3. Maximum loss* of 2.5 cm around the waist

* Maximum loss (cm) observed according to a study carried out over 30 days in a laboratory.

According to a study, 70% of women feel that it has a positive effect on the look of cellulite, and 76.7% of women reported positive results for the firmness of their skin.


For the face :


According to a study carried out over 28 days in a laboratory :

  • 96.7% of women feel that the Beauty Aspect gives them a radiant glow
  • 80% say that the Beauty Aspect starts working in the first few applications
  • 83.4% believe that after use, their skin is more supple
  • 73.3% believe that after use, they have fewer fine lines
  • 60% believe that after use, they have fewer wrinkles
  • 73.3% feel that the skin on their face, neck and chest looks younger
  • 83.4% feel that the skin on their face, neck and chest is smoother
  • 76.7% feel that the Beauty Aspect makes it look as though they have been to a beauty salon every day
  • 86.7% feel that the Beauty Aspect is the perfect complement to using cream every day

Specifications :

  • Voltage : DC 24V
  • Intensity : 2.5mA
  • Power : 60W
  • Dimensions : 32 x 21 x 13.5 cm
  • Weight : 22.83 kg

Certificates :

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579.00 лв.
SKU: LA110221